School Council

A school council is a group of pupils elected by their fellow pupils to represent their opinions and raise issues with the head-teacher in the school. It is a way for the pupils in the school to have a fare say and to be listened to with regards to what takes place in their school.

To be effective, the school council must:

  • Represent all pupils and include as many people as possible
  • Take time to listen to all pupils and communicate their views
  • Feedback to pupils about what happened about their views
  • Make things happen – or explain why they can’t!

Election Process

School councillors are elected through the following process:

  • At the beginning of each academic year a voting form is given to each child in years 1 to 6
  • Once completed they are posted into a class voting box and counted by an allocated member of staff
  • The votes are recorded and the chosen school councilors are informed

(At Hunters Hall we have 18 school councilors plus two chair people)

School Council Meetings

Each school councilor is given a notebook and folder to record/store class meeting comments. A meeting is held within each class once a month. Any issues raised are fed back within the school council meetings and discussed on a monthly basis. The two chair of council make arrangements with the head-teacher and discuss the issues/suggestions raised prior to the next monthly meeting. Minutes are given to all school councillors, the teacher responsible and the head-teacher.

An Effective School Council make sure that:

  • elections are fair and open
  • everyone is represented
  • there are different ways for people to give their views (e.g. class time, suggestion boxes, questionnaires etc.)
  • there is effective communication so that people know what happens to their suggestions and ideas
  • you see results!
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