Positive Comments

“It was such a privilege to finally be there actually in your school. From moment one I was welcomed with such warmth and kindness by your staff. The school was calm, regulated and gave the connection that is so important. The creative exploration that is present in your school is quite incredible, every area has a purpose, every space used to support emotional regulation or creative opportunities. The relational connection continued throughout my visit and was palpable as I moved around the school and greeted by parents/carers, children and by staff. Everyone I met knew why I was there and were ready to say hello and help me learn more about your practice. Thank you, this is so important and yet difficult to achieve consistently well within the complex organisation of a school.

The children are so impressive. They spoke with confidence, clarity and with pride about their school, your staff and the opportunities that have been provided for them. They spoke beautifully about how Thrive has helped them with their emotions and behaviour and that they knew they had staff supporting them and wanting them to do well.

And the parents – wow! What a group of incredible women you introduced me to and huge advocates for the work you are doing with them, and the difference Thrive has made. Stunning!

The way you all spoke about your school, your community, the families, and the changes you have made is inspirational. Relentless in your ambition to offer the very best to your community and to do this with empathy and compassion. You are special people, in a caring and committed school, working with incredible children and families.

It is with heartfelt thanks to you all for hosting my special day, I learned greatly from your practice, and to say thank you for all you do and the difference you make each day on behalf of children.” Viv Trask-Hall, Thrive Approach, June 2023

“It was wonderful to see how dedicated your staff is to teaching reading…” Davina Bynoe, Essential Letters & Sounds, June 2023

“Hunters Hall’s international work has earned the school well-deserved recognition with the British Council International School Award – Intermediate Certificate. We are proud and delighted to work with this great school. Many thanks to everyone for all their commitment to developing international work and sharing excellent classroom practice and resources. This is enriching education for its pupils; and their excellent collaborative projects with partner schools overseas are bringing the world into their classrooms. International work is key support for the development of skills young people need to be the globally aware citizens of the future.” John Rolfe MBE, Schools Outreach Manager at the British Council, September 2022

“English Writing had lots of cross-curricular links.” Petrice Tomlinson, KS1 Lead Moderator, June 2022

“Thank you for circulating these instructions. I would like to also take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work and commitment to educating our children. I know that this time round has been more last minute than ever before for you all.” Parent, January 2021

“Teachers have been incredible, watching them on Teams trying to answer all the children’s questions; they deserve a medal” Parent, January 2021

“The school has been so amazing, answering my endless calls and giving me all the information I need” Parent, January 2021

“I can’t thank the Teachers enough; they have such a hard job and we appreciate everything they do” Parent, January 2021

“It must be really hard for you all, yet you all make sure we are ok and have everything we need” Parent, January 2021

“Thanks…, for teaching the lesson so well. You’re both great at delivery and your results are testament to the impact you are having with your students.” Cheryl Farrar, Lexonik 19 April 2018

“The thrive room at Hunters Hall Primary School in Dagenham is looking wonderful! With two staff trained and more to come, the school have loved embracing the Thrive Approach. 

The children particularly benefit from their ‘feelings reflection sheets’ – an awesome idea that they have implemented into KS2 to prevent class avoidance.” Thrive Approach 6 March 2018

“Bullying Presentation at Hunters Hall Primary by PC Leanne Leighton: The presentation was very relevant to the support needed for Upper Key Stage 2. Good examples used highlighting the dangers of the misuse of social media as well as the consequences. All aspects of bullying were discussed. The presentation was age-appropriate with very good visuals and practical activity for the children. PC Leighton presented extremely well conveying a clear, firm, serious message whilst making her role significant to their safety. Children were given opportunities to engage and discuss their fears and concern.” Safer Schools News 26 February 2018

“Thanks for having me yesterday, I was really impressed with how well run your school is!…it’s a pleasure to work with such engaged students!” Ollie Barron: ParentZone 5 January 2018

“A very successful day today – The group of children were excellent at listening and following instructions. We saw some excellent progression and the children were very well behaved.” Bikeability trainers 5 January 2018

“I have enjoyed working with you and appreciate your “can do” attitude!” Colin Day: Health Education Partnership 20 December 2017

“I walked away from your school feeling totally re-energised and inspired – you are supporting some of our most vulnerable students and facilitating excellent outcomes.”
Sharon Gray OBE: Education Consultant 20 July 2017“

“The way in which you monitor the effectiveness of the interventions is incredibly rigorous and the impact is clear.”
Sharon Gray OBE: Education Consultant 20 July 2017

Pupils make at least good, and often outstanding progress from their starting points, especially in their communication, speech and language targets but also in the core areas of reading, writing and mathematics.”
Sheila Nolan: LBBD ARP reviewer 17 July 2017

“The profiles were excellent. Your team has clearly worked so hard on them. What a lovely way of tracking achievement and progress…”
Amanda Cavdarli: EYFS moderator 4 July 2017

“Outreach provided by the provisions, for example, Hunters Hall support for speech, language and communication, develops staff knowledge and understanding of particular needs across the local area, as well as supporting practitioners to improve their practice.”
Prue Rayner: Senior HMI 21 June 2017

“Well organised processes evident. Year 6 work closely together as a year group and have good, common understanding of judgements.”
Mary Erwin: KS2 writing moderator 12 June 2017

“Good range of evidence for both reading & writing. Evidence used well to make consistent judgements across the year group.”
David Reedy: KS1 English moderator 24 June 2016

“The school has also embedded a good health and safety culture, which is evident from the risk rating (86.36%) achieved.”
Trisha Antoine: OHSW 23 June 2016

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