Pupil Voice Survey

The children in our school are the most important people! As such, they have lots of opportunities to share their thoughts on school issues – both formally and informally!

Children can voice their thoughts through:

  • School Council
  • P4C (Philosophy for children)
  • Pupil Questionnaires
  • the formation of a positive school environment where children feel comfortable talking to staff.
  • Votes For Schools

Click this link to complete this year’s questionnaire Pupil Survey

Key headline results from our pupil survey were:

  • 96% of pupils stated that they enjoy learning new things at school.
  • 96% of pupils stated that teachers show them how to improve their work.
  • 97% of pupils stated that they feel safe at school.
  • 98% of pupils stated that there is an adult who they would go to if they were worried about something.
  • Only 81% stated that they felt happy in the playground. School Council have already begun to intervene and fundraisining is taking place to purchase new playground equipment.
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