Year 1

Today in Year One Professor Rachel came with her broken Exploratorium! We had to answer questions and share what we know about materials to help fix it. We pretended to be a wooden door and a piece of paper. Roberta, Professor Rachel’s monster came and tried to break the Exploratorium but our scientific knowledge stopped her!

The children were really inspired by today's workshop and we will refer to it as we continue our Science topic on materials this half term. 

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This term our topic has been Dinosaurs. We have been learning about different types of dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus-Rex, Brachiosaurus and Stegosaurus.

We had a ‘Dinosaur day’ during the beginning of the term. Dinoman visited us from the Natural History Museum, who bought real fossils that we got to touch. We learnt lots of interesting facts about dinosaurs and even had a go at making our own fossils. We also made dinosaurs using different materials like feathers and pasta.


Dino day.jpg Dinoman.jpg Fossil making.jpg Feather dinosaur.jpg 12.JPG Fossil.JPG

In literacy we have been making our own non- fiction books all about Dinosaurs. We have been learning about the features of non- fiction books as well as information about dinosaurs, like where they lived and what they ate. We created our own Dinosaur habitats in class and added captions to them. We have also been using our measuring skills to measure the length of dinosaurs during Maths lessons.


Year one have been working very hard on their Dinosaur project. 1E had a dinosaur museum open to visitors. The History experts were on hand to tell the visitors all about dinosaurs. Did you know that some dinosaurs were carnivores and some were herbivores?