Slides from the Reception Maths Workshop delivered by Ms Caisey

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Slides from the Tooth Brushing Workshop - November 2017

Slides from the Reception Reading Workshop 2017

Slides from Nursery Welcome Meeting 2017.

Slides from New to Reception Meeting 2017.

Slides from the Maths Meeting April 2017

Please find below the slides from the Anti-Bullying workshop run by Mr Kaitell in response to the parent/carer survey.

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Year 1 Phonics Workshop: Preparation for Year 1 Phonics Screening

Please find below slides from Mr Kaitell's Year 2 SATs meeting.

Here are the slides to the Nursery workshop run by Miss Caisey.

Reception - 21 Parents/Carers attended the Phonics Workshop on Friday, 18th November.  Feedback was positive with 100% of parents telling us that it was very useful.

Latest slides from the Physical Development and Early Writing Workshop - May 2016

Latest slides from the Nursery Communication & Language Meeting

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