School uniform is compulsory for all children (excluding Nursery). Details are listed below:

Red or grey sweatshirt (with school logo)

Red or grey cardigan (with school logo)

Red or white polo shirt (with school logo)

All of the above will need to be bought from the school stockists. Parents and carers are able to buy school uniform from the dining room every Monday from 3.30 - 4.00 p.m. during term time.

Red or grey jogging bottoms (no logos or tags)

Grey trousers, skirts, pinafore dress or shorts

Red gingham dress

Red or grey jogging shorts or shadow stripe shorts

Red, grey or black tights

White or grey socks

Plain black or plain white trainers or shoes (not mules, sandals or boots)

Red or white hair accessories


Red shorts

Plain white T-shirt

Black plimsolls

During the winter months children are allowed to wear old tracksuit bottoms and a jumper in order to stay warm when taking part in PE. We cannot allow children to wear their school uniform during a PE lesson.

Click on the link below to find our school uniform price list.


We would like all children to have a school book bag and P.E kit bag.

book bag.jpg
PE bag.jpg