A week at Trewern is an opportunity:

For a residential experience which advances personal, social & health education.

For pupils to work co-operatively using academic, practical and social skills.

To provide an experience which is relevant to all levels of education, and  which requires the application of skills not easily demonstrated or used in  the classroom.

To explore and investigate the natural environment, and to introduce the idea of environmental responsibility.

To allow pupils of all abilities to develop unforeseen skills.

To try out a variety of outdoor activities under the guidance of experienced staff.


Please find below links to the photographs taken of the Year 6 residential experience to Trewern. 

Group 1 caving 

Group 1 climbing & BMX

Group 2 canoeing

Group 2 gorge & shelter

Group 3 canoeing

Group 3 gorge

Group 3 caving

Group 3 shelter

Group 4 canoeing

Group 4 caving

Group 4 muddy puddle