This half term our project is ‘New Beginnings.’ At the beginning of the term we had an incubator in school and 10 chicken eggs. The children were fascinated by the eggs and enjoyed watching the chicks hatch.  They thought it was very funny that they had to pretend to be the mummy hen and cluck like a chicken!


Our Reception classes settled very well into school. Our first project, ‘Me and My world’ was very successful. The children enjoyed talking about their families and learning to make friends.

Here are some of our class displays showing some of our work.



This is a display about Daisy. She was a little girl from the story ‘I don’t like peas’ by  Kes Gray. Look how carefully we can use the paints now.




We enjoy cooking. This term we made cakes, soup and biscuits. We even made our own favourite dinners and made a label explaining our best dinner.


At Hunters Hall we read a lot of Oxford reading Tree books.  We enjoyed reading some of the books together. We all know the names of Kipper’s family now. He has a mum, dad, a brother called Chip and a sister called Biff. However, our favourite character is Floppy the dog. We did lots of work about dogs and pets. We even made a clas book about pets and made collages of dogs using newspaper.


Another favourite story this term was ‘Polly’s Puffin’ by Sarah Garland. Poor Polly thought she had lost her toy puffin.  Polly and her mum looked everywhere in town. It was a great story for helping  the children to think about where they live. We were very good at drawing maps!


 We even went for a local walk to look at the roads, shops and buildings around our school.


The children particularly enjoyed reading the road signs and looking at the digger!

Thanks also to our helpers who came on our walk.


RT went to The Chase.  They worked with the artist Jim Scott.  The children collected plants and grass for their giant picture.  It was great fun!

Reception trip to Stepney Farm

farm train.jpg    farm.jpg

The Reception classes went to Stepney Green City Farm in March to find out about farm animals. We travelled by train to Stepney Green Station.


We met Farmer Alex. She talked about all the different animals that live on the farm and we found out what they need to stay healthy and happy. She even let us feed some of the animals!

2.jpg      3.jpg

Some of the animals were a little bit smelly!


We really loved the donkeys!

Thank you to all our parent helpers!

Chicken Licken the musical was great! We worked really hard to learn our lines and the songs. Thank you to everyone who attended our show! 

P40504421.JPG PTDC0298.JPG P4050437.JPG P4050441.JPG PTDC02981.JPG P4050442.JPG PTDC0303.JPG P4050439.JPG P40504371.JPG P40504391.JPG P40504411.JPG PTDC03031.JPG


All the children in Reception made an Easter basket. We listened to the Easter Story in Assembly. Later on, the Easter Bunny came to visit the Reception garden. We had to hunt very hard for our eggs!