Nursery’s first visits

It was an exciting week for the nursery as we went on our first of hopefully many visits. We took each key group in turn along to the local supermarket to buy some ingredients for pizzas we are going to make next week. The children really enjoyed talking about the different things they could see on the way. A big thank you to all the parents who came along and helped, we couldn’t have done the trips without you!! 

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Brilliant day was had in the nursery today. We had our annual sports day. Despite the rain this morning we went ahead and ran, bounced, carried and jumped to our hearts content. Thank you to all the parents who came and supported us! 

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Description: Numbers

Many thanks to our Nursery Parents/Carers for attending the Mathematics Workshop on Thursday. Feedback from those attending said that it was ‘very useful’ and gave lots of ideas to help their child at home.

 Our first Reception Workshop in September will be about Reading and how to support your child. At Hunters Hall we want all of our children to love reading and  become lifelong readers.

S. Caisey ( Assistant Head and EYFS Lead)



Nursery trip to the Chase

This month’s highlight has been out trip to The Chase. We took 66 children plus many of their parents on two separate days for a couple of hours of sensory exploration in nature. We used our sense of sight first to collect things we found interesting. The children had a sticky pad to collect on which they and the parents loved filling. We then stopped in the forest and used our sense of hearing to listen to the different sounds around us. Then we used smell and touch to look for different textures in the forest. Finally linked to the story “Owl Babies” which had been reading in class we used our knowledge of things we could find in the woods to build a new nest for one of the owl babies.

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Nursery Overview

Hunters Hall Primary School has a 78 place Nursery which comprises of a 3 hour morning session and a 3 hour afternoon session. During these sessions children have access to a wide variety of activities and learning resources to enable them to flourish. We carefully plan learning opportunities for both the inside and outside environments to encourage children to become highly motivated, curious and independent learners.

Before your child begins Nursery in September there are opportunities for you to visit. In July we hold a “Play Day” where you are able to meet the Nursery Staff and your child is able to experience Nursery Life. We also provide you with the opportunity for a Home Visit where 2 members of the Nursery Team will visit your house to meet more informally and discuss your child’s needs.

After an initial settling in period your child will be assigned to a Key Worker and have a Key colour group. During each Nursery session there will be small group activities linked to the Early Years Curriculum plus a daily story time session. The remainder of the session is of a “free flow” nature whereupon the children are free to choose their own activities from the stimulating provision and staff will be facilitating their learning through play.

We follow the Early Years Curriculum and good quality stories and texts provide the main inspiration for our sessions. Examples of these are “We’re going on a Bear Hunt” and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” We also build in early maths, writing and reading opportunities for your child to prepare them for their journey into full time education.

Making Gingerbread Men.jpg

Making gingerbread men, linked to the well-known traditional tale.

Drawing stripes on bumble bees.jpg

Drawing stripes on a bumble bee, showing early writing skills. 

Using the computer.png

Using the computer to place animals in their homes.

Before the sessions begin in September there is an opportunity for children and parents to visit the setting at our “Play Day” in July. In early September we offer a Home Visit where staff visit.