At Hunters Hall, children are exposed to music in a variety of ways. In year 5, every child learns an instrument and some choose to continue this in Year 6. Children take part in weekly singing assemblies and concerts throughout the year and those who want to can join choirs and recorder groups open to certain year groups.

Music is taught by our specialist music teacher, Mrs Bright, and sometimes with support from other teachers who have musical knowledge and interest. Nursery children follow a scheme of work designed specifically for the early years and other year groups have music lessons (focusing on listening composition, performance and technical skills), normally on a termly rotational basis.

To support their learning, children can view the London Symphony Orchestra’s interactive website where they can learn about orchestral instruments in more detail and see how orchestras are conducted and set out.

Alternatively, The BBC Ten Pieces website gives children the opportunity to listen to classical music in a fun and engaging way and offers resources and activities for children to enjoy. It is a fantastic way to familiarise children with some of the most famous pieces of music and for them to get composing their own music. It can be found here.

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Our school song; Believe highlights the characteristics and attitudes which we as a school feel are essential to achieving greatness.

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