Minutes of previous meetings

School council minutes

Date: 6.3.15

Apologies: Amber in 1K who no longer wants to be a class councillor.   

Suggestions for this meeting:

It was decided that milk at lunch times would go ahead if agreed by Ms Fraser.

Your school councillors put forward that there should be a basket of footballs in the football playground and that the football playground should be for ball games only.

It was suggested that any other games are to be played in the pagoda.

In the meeting it was stated that there should be skipping ropes and Frisbees in the pagoda.

A further suggestion was to have a sibling friendly playtime once a week.

Note: It was agreed by school councillors that the next meeting will be held on Friday 24.5.15 in the maths and science room at 1:30pm Also, please have a class council meeting prior to the 24th