British Values

Schools are legally bound to actively promote British values; democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.

At Hunters hall these fundamental values form the foundations of our school ethos.

How We Promote British values


  • We have an elected School Council. This is used as an opportunity to promote and teach about democracy and the electoral process.
  • We encourage children to express their views through “Pupil Voice” surveys and ensure they are listened to in school and see evidence of what they have suggested in place.
  • We organise visits to the local council.
  • We participate in Junior Citizen Programmes.
  • We teach children how to present their views logically through persuasive writing.
  • P for C lessons are taught  throughout  the school
  • Participation in the “Dialogic Teaching Project”
  • Democracy is also promoted through additional PHSE lessons and assemblies.
  • Look at examples in History and encourage the children to draw their own conclusions about how Democracy works.

Rule of law

  • We have high expectations about pupil conduct and this is reflected in our behaviour policy.
  • Children are encourage to understand what we mean by “good “ behaviour from an early age
  •  We have clear rewards and Sanctions
  • Positive behaviour is celebrated across the school in assemblies, Green Time etc and with parents.
  •  The children taught that they earn their rewards through behaving well
  • All staff committed to promoting good behaviour and visiting staff given information about we want the children to behave and how they are to be treated.
  •  We use restorative justice approaches to resolve conflicts.
  • We include visits from the local police and fire service to reinforce the rule of law as part of our curriculum.

Individual Liberty

  • We support pupils to develop their self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • We encourage children to develop their talents and individual skills across the curriculum and value all their achievements
  • We encourage pupils to take responsibility for their behaviour as well as knowing their rights.
  • All staff are expected to follow all “safeguarding policies” in order to provide a safe supportive environment  to protect individuals
  • The children are also expected to behave in a safe responsible way in order to protect each other and not to infringe on another child’s personal liberty.  
  • We encourage children to express their opinions whilst learning to respect the opinions of others
  • Children are taught that personal freedom must be exercised safely, with regard to others through regular safeguarding talks regarding safety, cyber-bullying and  inappropriate electronic games.
  •  We challenge stereotypes
  • We implement a strong anti- bullying culture

Respect and Tolerance

  • We promote respect for individual differences
  • We help pupils to acquire an understanding of, and respect for, their own  and other cultures and ways of life
  • We challenge discriminatory or prejudicial behaviour
  • We encourage and try to develop critical personal thinking skills
  • We participate in campaigns such as “Show Racism the Red Card” and “Hands are not for Hurting”
  • We discuss differences between people  such as faith ethnicity, disability, gender sexuality and differences of family such as looked –after children or young  carers
  • We organise visits to places of worship
  •  We celebrate different festivals
  • We adopt a multicultural approach to the curriculum and include elements such as stories, food, music, dancing etc.
  •  We involve parents in sharing their languages and cultural experience in our curriculum