At Hunters Hall we have a way of recognising outstanding behaviour – this is called “Stay on Green!”

If we meet expectations every day we will Stay on Green!

If we exceed expectations we will achieve Bronze, Silver or even Gold!!!      

Unfortunately, if we make the choice not to do the right thing, there are consequences to our actions and our name may move to Blue, Yellow or Red.

If we are put on Yellow or Red there are serious consequences.  If we are put on Yellow we must complete a self-evaluation sheet, which gives us the opportunity to think about what we should do in the future, to make sure we do not do it again. Being placed on Red will result in a letter being sent to parents or carers, a lunchtime detention and missing green time that week. If we move to Blue or Yellow it could result in missing part of our Green Time on a Friday.

We understand that our behaviour is our own choice!  So it is our choice which colour we end up on each day!                                     

We are all going for Green!!!                 

Click on the link below to find out more on Hunters Hall Stay on Green Behaviour Grid