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At Hunters Hall Primary School all pupils should be at school on time unless they are unwell. Parents are asked to contact the school early in the morning to report an absence. If you do not contact us we will contact you at home. Pupils who arrive late miss valuable lesson time at the start of the school day. Should a pupil’s attendance be particularly poor or the absences frequently recurring the Attendance Officer may also visit you at home. If your child has a chronic illness, please submit medical evidence to the school.

The school monitors each child’s attendance closely and the attendance percentage is now RAG rated. Red- child’s attendance is below 85% (18 or more absences); Amber- child’s attendance is between 85% and 95%  (10 to 17 absences) and Green- child’s attendance is above 95% (9 or fewer absences).

We continue to celebrate good attendance through stickers, small prizes and special events.

Our attendance continues to improve:

2015-16 has seen our highest atttendance so far...

Year Group Attendance %
R 93
1 95
2 97
3 97
4 96
5 96
6 96

The overall school attendance for 2015-16 is:

95.64% excluding Reception attendance

95.2% including Reception attendance

Extended Leave During Term Time

There is a clear link between extended leave and pupil underachievement. Parents are not allowed to take children out of school during term time for a holiday without permission. Any unauthorised absence for a family holiday is likely to result in a fixed penalty fine and your child could lose their school place. As schools in this area are full, you may have to accept a place in another school when you return. If you wish to apply for leave you must fill out a form, which is available from the school office. You must apply well in advance of the dates of intended travel. The Headteacher will consider your application and in exceptional circumstances may give permission.

Hunters Hall has adopted the Fixed Penalty Notice Scheme

What does this mean?
The governing body has adopted the fixed penalty notice scheme. Parents can be fined if they take their children out of school without permission (unauthorised) on a regular basis. If fines are not paid, this will result in court action by the L.A. which could result in a criminal record.