Our Speech, Language and Communication Additional Resource Provision (ARP)

Our Speech, Language and Communication ARP was established to ensure that primary aged pupils in Barking and Dagenham with severe Developmental Language Disorder (SLD) and/or Speech Sound Disorder (SSD) can access intensive speech therapy and specialist teaching within a mainstream setting. It provides up to12 places for children whose primary need has been identified as Speech, Language and Communication (SLC). It is expected that pupils will make significant progress in their speech and language and it is for this reason that ARP placements are short-term, typically 1-3 years. Therefore we are unable to admit pupils with behaviour difficulties, global delay, complex needs or known biomedical conditions such as autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). We are happy to signpost parents to ARPs within Barking and Dagenham that support children with these specific needs.

We welcome visits to our ARP from other schools and parents. Please contact us to arrange a suitable time to visit. School contact number: 0208 270 4774

We are very fortunate to work closely with Sport Inspired who have arranged a range of opportunities both during and after school for our children to access a range of sports and games. This has included: ARP swimming lessons, participating in school Inclusive Games, and opportunities for our children to participate in local clubs after school. If you are interested in accessing after-school sports clubs please click on the link below.

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